Wedding Planning

Three unique packages listed below are commonly found  to be what couples are looking for.

Each package unique in what they have to offer from final touches to guidance every step of the way.


For the DIY couple who has done all the work but wants to make sure and enjoy their  special day. Let me put your mind at ease knowing  your handing your hard work off to someone experienced and someone who is as devoted to your day as they were their own. 


For the couple who wants to do most of the work and planning themselves but wants some guidance along the way.

This package is for couples who are 6 months or less from the big  I DO. Whether your feeling lost, a​ little overwhelmed. or right on schedule let me help you get down the aisle.


For the couple that wants to fully enjoy they're engagement.

Let me handle the nitty-gritty with your your vision in mind. 

Let me manage everything

take on the workload and  cover every aspect of the planning process.

I'm here from start to finish!

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